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May 17, 2022 – Mariah Bell is excited to move on

After seven seasons competing on the ISU Grand Prix, with four podium finishes along the way, does Mariah Bell feel a faint twinge of regret as the season, starting with Skate America last week, kicks off without her this week?

“No, not at all,” the 26-year-old said with a laugh. “No regrets. I didn’t know how I would feel, honestly, but I’m happy about where I am right now.”

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May 17, 2022 – Mariah Bell receives PSA Edi Awards

Mariah was presented with the Best Ladies Performance for her free skate at the U.S. Championships. She also received this award in 2020. She also received the Sonja Henie Award.

February 20, 2022 – We all need friends like @MariahBell96 & @nathanwchen

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February 17, 2022 – Skater Mariah Bell Opens Up: Making It to the Olympics, the End of Her Engagement and More

At 25, Mariah Bell is the oldest female national champion in almost a century. And so what?

Bell — who is close friends with American Olympic gold medalist Nathan Chen and is being coached by Olympic medalist Adam Rippon, both of whom were in the arena for her final skate on Thursday morning (Eastern) — says now is her moment. Success is still hers to define.

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February 17, 2022 – Mariah Bell has a fall-free, joy-filled performance

Mariah Bell had a wide smile before her skate, a sign that she was actually enjoying herself. And after her soulful routine to “Hallelujah,” she has even more reason to smile.

The 25-year-old Bell, the oldest American Olympian in the singles competition since 1928, got through her routine without falling, and the joy rarely left her face.

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February 16, 2022 – Hey Mariah

“Look at you now. You’re an Olympian.”

Ahead of her performance in the Women’s Free Skate tomorrow, Olympic figure skater Mariah Bell’s friends and family send her some special messages.

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February 11, 2022 – Nathan Chen and Mariah Bell are friendship goals

Chen has been one of the biggest stars of the Winter Olympics after performing a record-breaking free skate Thursday to a medley of tunes from the movie “Rocketman” that is still being talked about.

Bell is also a figure skater who will be competing in the women’s skating events beginning on Tuesday. 

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February 18, 2022 – Mariah Bell caps first Olympics with clean free skate

Mariah Bell bounced back from a fall in the short program to perform a clean free skate with a score of 136.92 in her first Olympic Games.

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February 10, 2022 – Figure skating friends forever: Nathan Chen and Mariah Bell

Figure skaters Nathan Chen and Mariah Bell train together and have forged a unique bond off the ice. From game nights to exploring the Olympic Village together, Bell tells Jo Ling Kent about their friendship.

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January 30, 2022 – How Do Figure Skaters Choose the Music For Their Programs?

Song selection is more than just finding a catchy tune—it’s vital in the quest for Olympic glory. Consider this: If you were competing on the sport’s biggest stage, how would you want the world to see you?

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January 27, 2022 – Mariah Bell goes to the Olympics with her fairy godmother — Adam Rippon

In summer 2019, figure skater Mariah Bell drove to a Dunkin’ Donuts, ordered two strawberry frosted pastries and made a career-altering decision.

She called Adam Rippon.

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January 25, 2022 – 2022 Stars on ice Tour will feature top performers from the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team

This year following the Olympics Games, U.S. figure skating fans will have the opportunity to celebrate live figure skating in person with the stars from Beijing. The 2022 Stars on Ice tour will feature many of the U.S. skaters competing for medals at the Winter Games in China. The Tour will visit 24 cities nationwide beginning in Fort Myers, FL on Thursday, April 14th and wrapping up in Portland, OR on Sunday, May 29th. For a complete list of tour dates and additional performances, please visit

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January 27, 2022 – Rippon boosts Bell’s Olympic chase with advice and support

As Mariah Bell ripped through two brilliant routines to win her first national championship earlier this month, the guy by the end boards wildly celebrating drew almost as much attention.

That was simply Adam Rippon being himself. And being so satisfied to see Bell being herself.

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January 20, 2022 – U.S. Skating Champs Like Nathan Chen & Mariah Bell Open Up About Podium Dreams and Olympic Prep

They all just became national champions — amid a pandemic, with the looming threat of infection — and then they all just got named to Team USA, fulfilling years- or life-long goals.

And in a few weeks, the first-place finishers from this year’s figure skating championships will be right back out on the ice. This time, they’re hoping to skate their way onto the Olympic podium.

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January 7, 2022 – Mariah Bell is oldest U.S. women’s figure skating champ in 95 years, Olympics bound

Mariah Bell is the oldest U.S. women’s figure skating champion since 1927. Next month, she should become the oldest U.S. Olympic women’s singles skater since 1928.

Bell, 25, captured her first national title in her ninth appearance, winning the last competition before the three-woman Olympic team is announced Saturday.

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January 7, 2022 – In ninth appearance, Mariah Bell captures first national title behind stirring performance at U.S. Championships

Mariah Bell is the oldest U.S. women’s figure skating champion since 1927. Next The 25-year-old held off Karen Chen for the gold medal, while Isabeau Levito, just 14, won bronze. In ice dance, Chock/ Bates set an American record to lead after the rhythm dance.

Four years after she couldn’t find her best in the Olympic season at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Mariah Bell delivered right when she needed to.

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January 6, 2022 – Mariah Bell executes flawless technical routine to win short program at U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Mariah Bell remembers walking into the practice rink a couple of years ago and jokingly telling Adam Rippon, her training buddy at the time, that she was so nervous about nationals that she shouldn’t even go.

“He was like, ‘So don’t go,'” Bell recalled with a laugh. “The whole point was like, this is a sport. It’s truly for fun.”

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January 6, 2022 – Watch Mariah Bell’s Breathtaking Short Program From the 2022 US Figure Skating Championships

American figure skater Mariah Bell is a three-time United States national medalist — earning silver in 2020 — and is on the hunt for her first Olympic berth. She’s also a multi-time medalist on the Grand Prix circuit, including gold in 2020 at Skate America, and the 2019 CS Nebelhorn Trophy champion. 

On the world stage, she’s finished in the top 10 at four ISU Championships. Bell also boasts former U.S. Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon as part of her coaching team.

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January 6, 2022 – Mariah Bell grabs early lead at 2022 U.S. Figure Skating Championships with strong short program

Between the last two spins in her short program at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships on Thursday night, Mariah Bell only had one thought.

“I remember … just thinking, ‘OK, don’t trip here,’ ” she said.

Shortly thereafter, she was pumping her fist and flashing a huge smile, as fans at Bridgestone Arena applauded and threw toy flowers onto the ice.

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December 29, 2021 – Meet the Athletes: Mariah Bell

American figure skater Mariah Bell is a three-time United States national medalist — earning silver in 2020 — and is on the hunt for her first Olympic berth. She’s also a multi-time medalist on the Grand Prix circuit, including gold in 2020 at Skate America, and the 2019 CS Nebelhorn Trophy champion. 

On the world stage, she’s finished in the top 10 at four ISU Championships. Bell also boasts former U.S. Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon as part of her coaching team.

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December 21, 2021 – Mariah Bell Gets Her Groove Back, Right in Time for the U.S. Championships

In singles figure skating, it doesn’t take long to lose momentum, and it doesn’t take long to gain it back. One or two clean programs — or a quirk in scheduling — may do the trick.

That’s certainly the case with Mariah Bell. After a wobbly start to the season back in mid-August, Bell dropped her new free skate to return to a tried-and-true favorite. Then, U.S. athletes withdrew from her first scheduled fall event, the Asian Open in Beijing, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

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November 27, 2021 – Mariah Bell finishes fourth at Rostelecom Cup as Olympic push continues

By participating in the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s®, Mariah Bell knows how important the next couple of months are for an athlete– after all, she has been in this position twice before. With a spot on Mariah Bell skated two solid programs to place fourth in the women’s field with a season-best 210.35 points. It is a substantial improvement over her 190.79 points and sixth-place finish at Internationaux de France last week, although she did not try a triple-triple jump combination, an element top women routinely execute in their programs.

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November 22, 2021 – Mariah Bell Leans on Experience as She Eyes Beijing

By participating in the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s®, Mariah Bell knows how important the next couple of months are for an athlete– after all, she has been in this position twice before. With a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team on the line, the 25-year-old heads into the 2022 Toyota U.S. Figure Skating Championships in January with Beijing on her mind.

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November 2, 2021 – Mariah participating in Walk to End Alzheimer’s® fundraiser

By participating in the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s®, Mariahs is raising funds and awareness to advance the fight against this disease — funds that allow the Alzheimer’s Association® to provide 24/7 care and support while accelerating critical research.

Donate now through December 31, 2021.

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October 28, 2021 – TLA Interview with Mariah Bell

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October 27, 2021 – Here’s What the Next 100 Days Look Like for Team USA’s Beijing Hopefuls

If the four years between Olympic Winter Games is a marathon, then the final 100 days represent the final couple miles with the finish line nearly in sight but plenty of work still to do. 

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October 27, 2021 – Team USA Instagram Interview

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May 25, 2021 – Mariah Bell’s Music Goes Vogue for the 2022 Olympic Season

Since the last Olympic cycle, 25-year-old Mariah Bell has experienced both sides of skating — that of triumph and failure.

Following her popular “Hallelujah” free skate, Bell placed second at the 2020 Toyota U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Then, she won the title at 2020 Guaranteed Rate Skate America. But at the 2021 Toyota U.S. Championships, her momentum — earned through years of consistent podium appearances — seemed to come to a screeching halt. A rocky free skate in Las Vegas placed her fifth place one year out from the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

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January 11, 2021 – Backed by Family, Mariah Bell Builds on Her Best Season Yet

When Mariah Bell landed her last triple Lutz at the 2020 Toyota U.S. Figure Skating Championships, the arena roared and took to their feet for the final seconds of her performance. Bell fell to her knees in tears as she finished her ‘Hallelujah’ program to a standing ovation.

“When they were on their feet at the end, it was so incredible and kind of took my breath away,” Bell said. “I wanted to live in that moment for as long as I could and really soak it up.”

The 24-year-old figure skater remembers seeing her parents, Kendra and Andy Bell, jumping up and down in the crowd and that only made her more emotional. Through everything, including several different coaches and moves, Bell’s parents and sister, Morgan Bell, have always been the constant in her life and supported her from the very beginning.

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October 24. 2020 – Nathan Chen, Mariah Bell strike gold at Skate America

As expected, the women’s event was a duel between U.S. silver medalist Mariah Bell and Bradie Tennell, the 2018 U.S. champion and Olympian who placed third in the U.S. behind Alysa Liu and Bell last season. (Liu did not compete at Skate America. At age 15, she is still too young to enter senior ISU Grand Prix events.)

Bell entered the free skate leading by 3.19 points after landing a clean triple flip-triple toe loop combination in her short program on Friday, while Tennell under rotated the second jump in her triple lutz-triple toe combination.

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October 25, 2020 – Mariah Bell wins Skate America, a next step to defying Olympic history

Mariah Bell took an unconventional career route to winning a unique Skate America. It may be the latest in a series of stepping stones to an extraordinary Olympic appearance.

Bell, 24, prevailed in an empty Orleans Arena in Las Vegas — save some judges, officials and cardboard cutouts — to prevail by a slim 1.66 points over 2018 U.S. champion and PyeongChang Olympian Bradie Tennell.

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October 24, 2020 – Mariah Bell hangs on for first Grand Prix gold

Mariah Bell has the first Grand Prix gold medal of her career – just barely.

The 24-year-old American fell in the latter half of her free skate on Saturday, but had skated nearly perfect before that, enough so to hold off compatriot Bradie Tennell for the win at Skate America in Las Vegas. The event is the first of a truncated figure skating Grand Prix Series this season.

Bell, skating to an ABBA medley, won with a 212.73 overall. Tennell, a team bronze medallist for the U.S. at PyeongChang 2018, finished with 211.07, having won the free skate.

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October 22, 2020 – Mariah believes the best is yet to come, including a spot a the Olympics

Memory is an often-imprecise function of the mind. Much of how we remember something owes to the atmosphere of the environment in which it happened, in which we experienced it.

This is especially true of seeing performances live, whether they are athletic, artistic or a combination of both. A brilliant performance in a nearly empty, nearly silent venue often will become less than it was in our memory. The same performance before a cheering or applauding large crowd at a significant event often is remembered as more than it was.

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October 7, 2020 – Mariah Bell to kick off new international season at Skate America

When Mariah Bell looks back at her glorious free skate to k.d. lang’s “Hallelujah” at the 2020 U.S. Figure Skating Championships last January, she has to wonder when she’ll get a chance to create a moment like that again.

The setting? A packed arena, in a town — Greensboro, North Carolina — that has played host to three U.S. Championships in the past 10 years. An appreciative crowd of 7,200, who began their full-throated cheers when Bell landed the last jump in program, some 30 seconds before her music’s final note. A standing ovation.

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September 24, 2020 – Chen and Bell star in online figure skating competition

Chen, who clinched bronze at Pyeongchang 2018, was among a batch of leading American skaters to take part in the event set up by US Figure Skating.

Fellow Olympic medallists Jason Brown, Bradie Tennell and Alexa Knierim also entered into the international selection pool competition, which offers prize money, qualification for the US Championships and future international assignments for American skaters.

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September 1, 2020 – When I Want to Feel Joy Again, I Watch Mariah Bell Soar Through This Free Skate to “Hallelujah”

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and sports were either sidelined or played with little to no fans in attendance, I’ve often thought about what it’ll be like when we can pack bleachers and stadiums again. There’s something magical about hundreds or thousands of people sharing a moment together in sports, a feeling that’s captured perfectly in this breathtaking free skate by Mariah Bell, which she performed at the 2020 US Figure Skating Championships in January, just a couple months before the country went into lockdown.

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August 24, 2020 – CEO of Her Career, Mariah Bell Explains Her Mentality and the New Programs She Hopes Lead to Even More Success

At 24 years old, Mariah Bell has established that she is the CEO of her figure skating career. World-renowned technician Rafael Arutunian is head coach and technical advisor of the entity, and 2018 Olympic Team Event bronze medalist Adam Rippon is a combination of coach, lead choreographer and chief planner.

After two decades of skating, Bell now has a team in place that has her firing on all cylinders and reaching heights she had previously thought unattainable, with the 2019-20 season being her best yet. Bell won her first career ISU Challenger Series gold at Nebelhorn Trophy, then medaled at both her Grand Prix assignments for the first time, and finished the shortened season with a career-best silver at the 2020 Toyota U.S. Figure Skating Championships with a free skate performance that brought the crowd to its feet in deafening applause.

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August 22, 2020 – “Im Just Getting Started”

Video interview

“I’m just getting started.” Figure skater @MariahSk8rBell says in an exclusive interview she isn’t backing down. She calls @nathanwchen and @adamrippon an inspiration. Her free skate for 2020-21? An @mariahbell_yold2wABBA medley!

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August 22, 2020 – Exclusive! Mariah Bell looks ahead: ‘I want to push my boundaries’

Mariah Bell couldn’t hear her music over the loudspeaker inside the arena. And that was for good reason.

As the American figure skater performed the closing seconds of her “Hallelujah” free skate at the 2020 US Figure Skating Championships, the crowd inside the Greensboro Coliseum rose to its feet, roaring in approval of what many consider to be one of the standout performances of the truncated 2019-20 figure skating season.

“It was so incredible… I feel like it’s a moment that I had envisioned so many times,” Bell tells Olympic Channel in an exclusive chat. “I believe in manifesting events, (but) you obviously can’t manifest something if you don’t put in the work.”

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July 20, 2020 – Mariah Bell: “I have so much more I want to do beyond this season”

When Mariah Bell stepped off the ice following her unforgettable free skate at the U.S. Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina Jan. 24, she never realized that would be the last time she would compete during the 2019-2020 season and that she would spend almost three months off the ice. At the time, the reigning U.S. silver medalist hadn’t even heard of the coronavirus.

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Mariah and Morgan

April 15, 2020 – Mariah Bell is sheltering in place in the family RV

Downsizing has its advantages, even if you’re sheltering in place due to the coronavirus.

Take Mariah Bell’s family, for example.

Bell, older sister Morgan, parents Kendra and Andrew, and Bell’s rabbit Gizmo are all practicing social distancing in the family’s 45-foot recreational vehicle (RV).

“When you see an RV driving down the street, you may not think about what it looks like in the inside,” Bell said. “It really is like a house.”

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January 29, 2020 – Adam Rippon and Mariah Bell break down her incredible performance at the 2020 U.S. Figure Skating Nationals

The crowd were on their feet long before the end of routine. Mariah Bell landed a triple lutz jump and the audience went wild. The 23-year-old collapsed with emotion at the end of the routine in clear elation. She had secured a second place behind 14-year-old Alysa Liu at the 2020 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Her selection for the world championships had become a formality.

In 2018, Mariah was a second alternate for the Olympics. Now, her coach and mentor Adam Rippon says ‘the sky is the limit’ for Mariah.

The Olympic Channel went to find out why adding a little bit of Britney into the mix has made such a big impact.

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